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Megan Elisha is a team of creatives specializing in Interior Design and Architecture services creating modern Residential and Commercial Design.


  • Megan Elisha


  • Brand Identity
  • Web design 
  • UI / UX
  • Website Development
  • SEO


  • B2C


  • 2019

The Megan Elisha brand experience


The new website draws from an upmarket aesthetic and visual language, encompassing a clear site architecture with powerfully straightforward navigation. Combining skillful art direction with carefully curated content, it creates an engaging introduction to the WB brand experience.

T H E  W E B S I T E

A digital home for Stay on Deck, an Outdoor Kitchen Design Company. We wanted to create something for them that goes perfectly hand in hand with their brand new identity. Something friendly, warm, and informative that helps them to connect with their audience. The website is based on WordPress, which offers easy to handle Content Management and expandable options for their future.

T H E  L O O K

The beige frame adds an elegant touch to the contemporary, organized look.

A minimalistic and clean website that Is an online destination for those seeking inspiration regarding modern design in all its forms from the Feng shui concept to art and architecture.

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