eepfake technology is impacting the people and society with devastating consequences likely to be noticed if not controlled timely. Actually, it is a kind of serious exploitation of AI and machine learning technology used to perform a face swap to create the illusion that someone either said something that they didn’t say or are someone they’re not and such changes are not noticeable to the human eye compelling people to believe easily.

This unethical practice of using the Deepfake technology has potential consequences in the short time as well the long run and below you can find out what are the consequences for our society and people living there and having threats from such technology. However, using the right Deepfake algorithm such videos or images can be spotted to minimize the impact on people.

Exploitation of AI and Machine Learning Technology

Rather using the AI and machine learning technology for betterment and living conditions of the people, few engineers are putting their mind in developing the AI or machine learning enabled fake contents to influence the people in our society. This Face-swapping technology got the greater attention from the unethical people from our society for creating Deepfakes.

Using AI or ML algorithms photos are swap on faces to create fake videos and images giving a negative impact on society about the development and more innovation in the AI and machine learning fields.

People will perceive such technologies in the destructive way that can affect the further or more innovative growth and development in AI and ML fields.

A Real Threat to Society, Elections and Politicians

Deepfake is a real threat to society influencing the sentiments and perceptions of people around us. Popular celebrities, politicians, and other personalities are getting badly affected by the misuse of AI-backed such technologies.

Any popular or well-reputed person from our society can be targeted by creating altered pornographic clips or swapped faced with unknown persons like politicians contending in elections can be the victim of Deepfakes.

Such fake videos or images circulating on social media and other online channels can influence the audience at the time of state or central government elections in any country.

Damaging the Image and Dignity of Celebrities

Another serious consequences of Deepfake is widely used in creating sexually explicit images or videos misrepresenting the celebrities in spoofs. And celebrities like popular actors or stars from the music industry are mainly target while creating the Deepfake fake adult videos or images. The creators swap actresses’ faces into videos by adult film stars enabling the transfer of sexual fantasies from imaginations of people to the Internet.

Emma Watson, Natalie Portman and Gal Gadot are the few popular celebrities targeted into Deepfakes. And before experts detect the reality of a deepfake video it goes viral on the internet and influence the large number of people.

However, many adult websites also use deepfakes video detection tools to remove such videos everyday. But the problem is in most of the In most countries, no such laws exits to deal with this kind of content yet, making it difficult to control and badly affecting the image and dignity of well-known personalties.

Manipulated Posting of Contents on Social Media

People around the world keep looking for interesting content on internet, social media channels are one the most preferred online platforms where such contents are posted without any authentication influencing the group of people on the internet. These social media platforms continued emergence of all forms of manipulated media presents real challenges for society.

One of the leading social media networking sites, FaceBook said, they are actively working to combat the threat of Deepfakes. They have deployed engineering team to detect the manipulated videos, photos or videos and also allow users to report such contents their team.

Social media companies also hire people or Deepfake service providing companies to spot such content and help them to remove before it can influence more number of people.


The potential consequences from DeepFake technology could be more than your imagination. If it is not controlled timely it’s consequences could be more devastating and the use of AI-based technologies will get a negative conceptualization among the people around the world. Hence, companies like Cogito offering Deepfake detection services helping the online communities to spot the fake images, audio, or videos created from deepfake technology with the best accuracy. This article was originally featured on Visit Here

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