Convenient and accessible EV parking and charging all-in-one

CIRCUIT is an app that allows users to find, plan, book and pay for an electric vehicle charger. An application that provides locations of all EV charging stations across the Lower Mainland and renting private charging stations and parking to users.


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As with parking charging

your EV at your desire has

also, become difficult.



Availability is hard to 

come by individuals need

reliable and vacant parking

options for their EVs.



Customers struggle with

parking and charging costs.

Mostly because they cannot 

find long-term parking.


A mobile platform where users can rent their EV parking spaces to other users so they can:

1. Save Money

 When commuting

2. Make Money

     When renting out their spaces

3. Save Time

 During their busy day


Rhea is a university student that enjoys going out in her free time. She prioritizes spending time with her friends and having fun. She owns an electric vehicle and wants to help in the effort to make EV chargers more accessible to fellow EV owners because she understands the frustration of not having access to one when she needs it.

Brian is a teacher by profession. Since he has young children, he has concerns around renting out his personal charger and privacy and security of her home. He is not sure how renting out her charger might impact his current residential homeowner’s policy. He wants to be able to rent out his charger in a safe way.

Target Market & Research

Target: Individuals who own and drive an

electric vehicle.

A majority of our customers value the

environment and want to live a sustainable

lifestyle with fast and reliable options.

       ● Avg. users charge for 2 to 5 hrs.

       ● 75% use an app location service


We were able to achieve our goal of delivering a platform to which users are able to retrieve EV parking & charging information. We also provided users with extra features that is not limited to just transit but other forms of transportation. Adding these features provides our users with flexibility and convenience, ultimately bringing them an overall better experience.

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