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Fooreco is revolutionary solution to digitalize menu for restaurants that provides contactless food orders and payments for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. With this product, restaurants can present the menu to the guests with their native language with detailed information about the ingredients and nutrition, and even reviews of what others thought of the dish.


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As COVID-19 continues to impact the businesses, most restaurants need to implement some changes and providing safe sanitary measures for customers. Restaurants have to follow social distancing guidelines and adapt their dining experience.


Creating a platform where guests can view a restaurant’s digital menu simply by scanning a QR code. It’s also possible to order and pay the bill on their phone. These features apply to both takeout and dine-in and can help restaurants to remain operational while keeping the staff and customers safe.

Admin portal

Fooreco provides a user-friendly admin web portal for managing your restaurant page in our platform. Create new menu books or edit the items or their pictures at any time get insights on how users interact with your menu and know which items are getting more traction.

“Riser Technology has been exceptional.They are collaborative.The team is professional, insightful, and have delivered beyond my expectations.”

CEO of Fooreco


+50% Active Users

+20% Revenue Per User

–33% Cost Per Acquisition

+300% Developers On Product Team

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